Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Presentation of Sebastian

Sebastian spoke about the equality of races. Sebastian said many things that made ​​us reflect on the issue of ethnicity and prejudice that black people suffer here in the United States. Sebastian spoke a fact that left me shocked. Two years ago in Minnesota, had only two black teachers to teach white people. The prejudice of other people is very great. It is necessary that people have respect and understand that, intellectual skills not depend on the color of their skin.
It is sad to know that in many places in the world still find cases of prejudice, we have evolved many ways you and others stop in time. Incidentally, it should have never even exist. Blacks enslaved and whites their owners. It is really absurd to be discriminated against for any reason, mainly by its roots, its color.

Video about school bilingual for people deaf in Brasília, Brazil.

This video shows a protest march in Brazil, in Brasilia, advocating bilingual school for the deaf. For me it is a very good thing, because many deaf people, at least in Brazil do not like the idea of ​​studying in regular schools, mainly because when they get in this schools, they do not have the necessary support and acceptance of school community.
I think the deaf person must choose the best ways. Schools for the deaf, or blind, or autistic eg should not be extinct, but this people must choose whether they want to study in these schools or in regular schools.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Presentation of Mr. Phill.

In show Mr. Johnson Phill we did a reflection on teaching for the past 25 years and was questions used, step by step to talk about this and we suggest thinking about teaching and if we really we want to be teachers.
The Mr. Johnson really made ​​us think about the care that we have in the profession, be aware of the importance of teaching, knowing the importance of contact with family of students and the importance of contact with the school community.
The main thought of the speech in my opinion was the point where Mr. Phill talked about seriously think if we want to be teachers, because if we not liking the profession will not to be good for us or even in beneficial for students.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Chapter One- Teaching in a changing world

Teachers are heroes every day, many moving from extremely distant place to work, teach for many students in class, where they can not give due attention to all students. Currently teachers are now more valued, but many problems as the issue of the wage and struture are not suitable. The teachers are extremely important and useful to society, own statistics show that the teacher is the profession that brings more benefits to society. The challenges of the profession are many but teachers should not let this destroy the shine of his work and his willingness to teach and must also fight for that the negative things that exist in the profession can change and improve, because teachers deserve and need, especially structure and better salaries.
 A job well studied, planned becomes successful when the trader loves what he does he's the best. For that work is a continuing success, the teachers need to update always, listen to their students, so he will have successful. Each state in United States of America determines their requirements.
The INTASC has a list of ten principles that teachers need know and be able to do, between the principles, have this that I think be very important: "The teacher fosters relationships with school colleagues, parents and agencies in the larger community to support students learning and well-being." I think this principles very important because, sometimes the people forget os relationsships, of family, os community, etc, and they are part of student life too.
The chapter also talks about how to study and improve their knowledge, the teacher should always be writing, reflecting, researching their objects of study. It is also good that the teacher store their materials and work, for others maybe learn a lot from them or to use it in the future.
The education will quickly change and will be better in the United States. The teachers have to keep working and studying for multipliers the knowledge.

Education Nation

Being a teacher today is to overcome many barriers for love the profession as it is a little recognized work that need dedication and time. Teachers never stop studying, we spend weekends working, preparing lessons for their students.
Being a teacher is a profession but is extremely important but the people forget the their importance, so careless that lets professionals sad and tired of the lack of appreciation.

The show in classroom

Teaching is something serious, you must know what you want and what is it doing that.
You must be aware that teaching and learning are very important to society and with that do with someone to develop knowledge, skills, personal relationships, etc.
What is co teaching?
Is a partnership between two teachers who wish to relate their knowledge to a better education to their students and class evolution, besides being something dynamic.

Article: Inclusive Education

This article talk about Inclusive Education. How emerged as the inclusion and its effects.   
The proposal is all students, irrespective in the same classroom qnd have a quality education, this say the motion REI ( Regular Education Iniciative) of EUA. In years 80 the REI say that the school should be an environment of equality, where the special children can be inserted.
Many conferences were held to discuss the future of schools and inclusion of people with special needs and your rights.
The big question is about the quality of this education, attention is directed to children special needs. Then the concept about inclusive education and practices are complicated, although currently study more and more about, but its no perfect and effective.